About Program

Our country is one of the most suitable belt of the World for garden plants, that’s why we have very very rich different kinds of species, varieties, very high cultuvation capacity, very high production values and product capacities. Within this framework the main purposes for the garden agriculture students are;giving about the areas of fruit growing, vine cultivation, vegetable gardening and mushroom cultivation professionatilities, the cultivation, the reproduction, the harvest, the storage techniques and marketing of the agruculturing plants’s theoretical and practical informations and giving the skills. During the this 2 year education period; the up-to-date informations are given to the students and giving the skills of fallow up of the innovations at their professionals.


Training of the technical staff, equipped with the latest and up-to-date knowledge and expereince on the reproduction, cultuvation, cultural curing processes of fruit, vegetable, grapevine, mushroom, seedling and young plant production techniques, storage and marketing of products. These technical staff will also have the abbility that trasnfer these informations in to implementation.

Summary of Program Outcomes

Graduates are able to identify the garden plants; have knowledge about the biological and physiological properties of variaties and ecological requests of these variaties; know the techniques of reproduction and cultuvation of species and variations of grapevines, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms; evalute the plant-environment relationships in versatile manner.