About Program

Based on practice, ornamental growing, nurseries technique, parks and gardens maintenance and repairment, land forming and application of project courses are available.


Intermediate staff are needed for constructional-plantal and maintenance-repairment applications that are stages of landscape works following planning and design. Similarly specializing is also inevitable at production processes providing constructional and plantal material for landscape applications. The aim of the course is to train qualified intermediate staff have teorical and practical skills for meet the need at these study fields.

Summary of Program Outcomes

Recognizes ornamental plants; has knowledge of biological and physiological characteristics and ecological requirements of the species.Has knowledge of growing, propagation and maintaining techniques of trees, shrubs, ground cover plants and garden flowers.Has knowledge of necessary materialsmanufacturing and installation of constructional applications. Has knowledge of drawing techniques, project phases and application techniques used in landscape projects.Has knowledge of storage and marketing of ornamental plants.Uses the techniques of cultivation and maintenance of ornamental plants.Applies the maintenance and repairment techniques of parks and gardens.Distinguishes the symptoms of damage is belong to pests, diseases and weeds of ornamental plants and applies the control methods.Uses modern technology and information technology required by his profession effectively.Applies landscape projects to working area using application techniques.Uses three-dimensional thinking ability, creativity and landscape applications.