About Program

It is aimed to raise the level of consciousness in the society with a rational approach based on science, who can recognize the plants used medicinally and aromatically from the wide variety of plants Turkey has, know the methods of obtaining drugs from these plants, use the devices in the medical and aromatic laboratory, cultivate the plants at risk of disappearance and grow them. It is a two-year associate degree program that aims to train technical staff who can work on the conservation of medicinal and aromatic plant gene resources, and the provision of sustainable medicinal and aromatic plants trade.


The program covers the biological, ecological, genetic and systematic properties of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, which have economic value in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, their cultivation, their collection and preservation from nature, their chemical content and analysis methods, their supply, production and quality controls, usage areas and ethics. It aims to train auxiliary technical personnel who have basic knowledge about the subject in an interdisciplinary and academic understanding.

Summary of Program Outcomes

Can recognize Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in their natural environment, perform harvesting of medicinal and aromatic plants, Obtain oil from medicinal and aromatic plants, perform the manufacturing processes of perfume, cream, ointment, tincture, etc. products.