About Program

Explain in detail the products obtained from vineyards and vineyards in the perspective of aquaculture and all production processes.


Sensitive to people, society and nature, competent in their profession, responsible, perceiving continuous improvement as a way of life, using information and communication technologies effectively, It is aimed to train the technical staff needed in creative and problem-solving-oriented bond and bonding products technology.

Summary of Program Outcomes

Evaluates the developments in viticulture and vineyard products technology in a multifaceted way by using scientific methods and new technology effectively. Software required by the profession and has the necessary technical knowledge about the hardware. Knows how to apply regulations and legislation when necessary. He has technical knowledge about food processes.  Adequate knowledge of natural components and properties of grape products, and methods of processing and preservation has. It performs analysis of vineyard products and takes the necessary precautions regarding production, storage and shelf life by evaluating the data. Related to viticulture and vineyard products uses technical tools and equipment without any problem